The best smartphones for elderly parents

If you want to keep in touch with your folks but you've got the sort of parents who aren't too tech savvy, you'll need to buy them a mobile phone that's easy to use. Some of the more simple phones though don't have all the functionality, so who makes the best smartphones for elderly parents?


A phone with a camera, access to the internet and an Email client could be a great way for you to keep in touch with your parents, so why not introduce them to the Apple iPhone?


On the face of it this should be a difficult and complicated phone for any senior to get a grip on because it offers so much functionality but it's extremely popular in part because it's pretty intuitive to use. The touchscreen makes navigating the phone's apps very easy and with a little set up work, you could make the phone very easy to use. Why not hide away the apps that your parents won't be interested in by using folders and then leave them with the ones they'll want to use like photos, camera, messages and mail.


If you're parents are a bit more traditional and demand buttons rather than a touchscreen, you'll need to get them a Blackberry. As with the iPhone, there are lots of users out there who can give them tips on how to get the most out of their Blackberry, and no matter which model you get this is one of the best smartphones for elderly parents because it can be set up. Why not hide some of the apps from the menu so that your folks just have access to the ones they'll use on a day to day basis?

Final word

You're probably better off getting your parents a phone with a large screen like the iPhone but that means they'll have to get used to a touchscreen interface. Buying smartphones for elderly parents could be a real headache because you'll end up being their technical support so get them something that you're familiar with.

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