Smart just got cheap

We remember our first smartphone. It was 2004, and it was a Treo 600, and all our friends laughed at it. The same was true for our next one, a SonyEricsson P800, and then for the P900. It wasn't till we got a Nokia N82 that they all stopped sniggering - it was just as smart, but it looked like a normal phone. Then we got an iPhone, and now our friends are jealous and it's the other nerds who are sniggering.

The truth is, Steve Jobs' reality distortion field notwithstanding, smartphones are slowly beginning to break through into the mainstream. And as they get cheaper, that's going to accelerate. So this new T-Mobile Comet might go down in history as the moment the smartphone began to replace the 'dumbphone' as the new normal.

It's a fairly standard Android phone, with an FM Radio and a finger-friendly screen; but there's something special: the price. T-Mobile USA are selling the Comet for just $10 on contract, down from a norm of $250+ for new Android phones (phones in the US aren't as heavily subsidised by the networks as they are here). No word yet on if it's coming to the UK, but if it does, this could mean a whole bunch more of your friends calling you to ask what level you've got to on Angry Birds...

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