Slow Fox

It's been out in beta for months, but Firefox 4 still needs a bit of tinkering.

The latest version of the browser - which features a revised interface, bookmark syncing, support for more HTML5 new features and lots more fun stuff - won't be ready until the new year. 'It's taking longer than initial estimates indicated,' the company says, 'as we track down regressions and sources of instability.' In other words, it's still buggy as hell and they need to keep working on it.

We're using the latest beta and we must admit, it seems fine to us. But Firefox, with its super-customisable layout and never-ending list of add-ons, is popular with the kinds of nerds who often have 50 or more tabs open at once. So, yeah, it's probably better to get it right before telling them all to download it...

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