For all the fuss about tablets, it seems lots of manufacturers aren't totally sure people are ready to part with their keyboards. So, they're trying to squeeze keyboards into tablets. We've seen sliding tablets, and folding tablets, and laptops with detachable screens, and phones that plug into laptops.

This, though, looks like the most workable hybrid we've seen so far. The Samsung 7 Series, launched at this weeks' Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, looks like a regular Windows 7 tablet. But a lovely thin keyboard slides out of the bottom to present you with a fully-functioning laptop.

Specs aren't bad, with a 1.66GHz processor and 64GB of flash storage. And Samsung have done some software work to improve Windows 7's questionable touch-friendliness. And at $699, about £400, it'll cost no more than a keyboard-less iPad. Sounds good, no?

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