The best slimline printer money can buy!

So you are looking for a slimline printer. You need something slick and slim to tuck away under your desk. While there are some slim printers around there is not a huge selection.

A lot of people know that the proper sized printers give a very high performance and the slimmer ones can't usually keep up. We have found one that can though.

The Samsung ML-1630 is the perfect example of slim printers. It is beautiful to look at with it's sleek design and black glossy finish. Who say a printer has to be an eyesore?

The Samsung does an amazing job with the most important part, the printing. It prints a very high quality picture so the only slight draw over a bigger model would be the speed. It's by no means sluggish but there are faster printers out there.

Samsung's ML-1630 is not all looks it can really pack a punch. While there are faster printers out there it does a great job at keeping up with the quality. There had to be some draw backs to this slim printer but the advantages far outweigh the minor issues.

It is aesthetically pleasing and can be tucked away into smaller spaces. This is a big advantage especially with home printing. A lot of people don't have the space for a bulky printer and this is where the Samsung shines.

While it is a bit slower than others, if you are looking for a high quality printer that is slim the Samsung ML-1630 is unrivalled.

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