Slim & sexy

Say what you want about Apple, they know how to kick-start a trend. Just as no-one knew they wanted a tablet until the iPad came along, no-one knew they wanted an ultra-thin laptop until the MacBook Air was launched a few years ago. Since then the ultra-thin laptop market has become a very competitive one. Manufacturers are dying to get us to spend more on laptops, which has become a very commoditised market, and making them super-thin is one way to do it.

Hence the LG P430 and P530. These just-announced laptops combine top-end specs with a slender profile, the P430 with its 14-inch screen coming in at 23.8mm thick and 1.94kg of weight, and the P530 with a 15.6-inch screen coming in at 2.2kg. Now, this is more than the MacBook Air or its rival the Samsung Series 9, but these are more powerful laptops, with bigger screens and proper hard drives. It seems LG is targeting consumers who want this as their main or only computer, but still crave portability.

The really fun stuff is in the screen half of the laptops. LG has managed to get the bezel - the frame around the screen - as narrow as possible, so the P430 apparently squeezes a 14" screen into a laptop the size of a typical 13.3-incher. We reckon this could be the one to get, especially if the price is right and the keyboard is still usable despite the small size. (We're typing this on a 10-inch Samsung netbook, so it's a case of what you're used to.)

No word on that price yet, but we should no soon, as both the P430 and P530 are due out in Europe later this month.

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