Which Slim Digital Cameras Are The Best?

With more and more people exploring the world of photography, the demand for slim digital cameras continues to increase.  Not only do compact cameras need to be small and sturdy, but they also need to be stylish and attractive.  Versatile cameras can be used at a nightclub one day and a safari adventure the next and that is why they are so popular, but does convenience come at a price?

Compact Or DSLR

Whether you buy a compact camera or a DSLR depends on what type of photographer you are.  If you are looking for something quick and simple that will take shots anywhere without any fuss and effort, than a slim digital camera is the way to go.  If you are looking for something with a bit more freedom and manual control, then a DSLR is the choice for you, however, due to their size and weight, DSLRs are more for planned photoshoots than everyday occasions.

Which Compact Camera Should You Buy?

Choosing a slim digital camera can be tough, as there as so many choices out there that seem the same.  Features such as megapixels can be confusing if you don't know what they mean and are often simply marketing terms designed to separate one product from the rest.  When it comes down to it, you should be looking for a camera that suits your style, is small enough to carry, but with a screen large enough to compose pictures on and has enough battery life and memory space to keep you going for a while.  Further features such as optical zoom tend to be luxuries rather than essentials.


Sony offers some extremely stylish compact cameras in their T and J series'.  Available in a variety of colours, the DSC-TX55 comes with full-HD video recording, 3D functionality and a 16.2 megapixel CMOS sensor.  The screen is nicely sized at 8.3cm and the camera is capable of 5x optical zoom.


Fujifilm FinePix cameras are small, classic and capable of shooting high quality images.  The FinePix F80 EXR has a 3" LCD screen, 10x optical zoom and a 12 megapixel sensor.  This camera is also capable of HD video recording and is ideal for almost any scenario.


Panasonic Lumix cameras are perhaps the most stylish of all and are available in a selection of colours.  The DMC-TZ20 has an high optical zoom of 16x, has 3D and HD recording functionality, a built-in GPS system and shoots at 14.1 megapixels.

Which one of these cameras is right for you?  Well, when it comes down to it, it's simply a case of choosing which camera feels and looks right.  After all, it's not just a camera - it's a part of you!

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