Slight return

Rejoice, PlayStation gamers! You long nightmare is almost at and end.

10 days in to the remarkable closure of the PlayStation Network, Sony has finally given us a roadmap for its reactivation. In a long and apologetic press conference yesterday, Sony said the Network would start coming back later this week, though the PlayStation Store and Qriocity music streaming service (hey, we're all using that, right?) won't be back till later in the month.

Better still, they've come up with a few goodies to apologise for the disruption. Everyone gets a month's membership of the premium service PlayStation Plus absolutely free, and they say they'll be announcing other one-off freebies soon.

Hooray! Hopefully soon we can put this whole horrible business behind us. If only it hadn't happened over the exact period of a once-in-a-generation period of loads of days off in Britain...

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