Slash. Slay. Maim!

A few weeks ago a demo video started circulating of a new game for iPad and iPhone 4, provisionally titled Project Sword. It was very, very impressive, with graphics that wouldn't have looked out of place coming out of a home console.

Well, Project Sword is coming out soon! Renamed Infinity Blade, it's being released by Epic games (appropriately enough, given its swords & dragons feel) before Christmas. You can play a demo now, to get a flavour of the gaming glee ahead.

Just one problem - those nifty graphics need a decent processor to push them along, so this one isn't for the owners of a humble iPhone 3G. You'll need an 'S' or a '4' (or a 'Pad') in your device's name to join the fun.

All the more reason to ask for an iPad for Christmas then...

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