Skype's down, that put a sock in it

The unthinkable has happened. Millions of people who were happily chatting away on our best loved chat / VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service for free have ceased the chatter.

Skype is down. How long for is anyone's guess and rumours on the blogosphere are suggesting it could be to do with the Windows upgrade that happened which made many systems incompatible with Skype.

Oh heck...while we patiently wait for the Skype guru's to get the system back up and running, it's a good chance to think about how easy it is to take a service for granted. It's also a lesson in "backup" thinking. Always have a Plan B.

At the time of writing, WebTwitcher's Skype rebooted, but we're unsure if this is permanent. The latest from Skype is to just leave it running as normal on your PC and as soon as it's working again you'll just be logged on automatically.

WebTwitcher was kicking around Skype's offices in London last night, celebrating the two year anniversary of Girl Geek Dinners. I don't think anyone pressed the big red stop button...

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