Well blow me. They've only gone and done it.

Even as we predicted that Facebook would announce video calling powered by Skype, we never quite believed it. That Facebook would want the service seemed certain. But would Skype really want to make its network available to millions of new users, without them having to do so much as install their software?

Apparently yes. Facebook and Skype really did announce a video chat service on Wednesday, and it really does enable you to call all your Facebook friends from your browser, without having Skype installed on your PC.

Given that Skype is a big, memory-hogging application, that seems pretty attractive. But Skype are determined to keep their app relevant, so in addition to plugging their service in Facebook, they've plugged Facebook deeper into their program. A new beta version of Skype is available which adds a 'Facebook friends' tab to the app, enabling you to call or IM your Facebook friends.

So whether you choose to use the site or the app, it seems your friends will be able to call you. Hmm. We're not sure we like the idea of this.

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