Skype comes to iPad

When Microsoft surprised the world by buying internet-calling giant Skype a few weeks ago, many people worried that it might restrict the service's availability a wide range of devices and platforms. After all, if Microsoft bought Skype to boost its own mobile software, Windows Phone, why would they let it work on Google's Android or Apple's iOS?

But Microsoft were adamant that they were going to let Skype carry on expanding much as before - and it looks like they meant it. Skype's about to launch its first proper app for the iPad.

The app won't hit the App Store till Tuesday, but Skype mistakenly published a video preview early which got rapidly copied from their YouTube account. It offers a (sound-free) preview of what looks like a slick, useful app.

Of course, maybe we shouldn't be surprised Microsoft were happy to see Skype come to Apple's ultra-popular iPad. After all, it competes directly with Apple's own internet-calling service, FaceTime. And it offers something which FaceTime, for now at least, doesn't - video calling over 3G. Unfortunately, CNET reckon 3G video tends to be slow and jerky, the reason Apple didn't open FaceTime up to 3G in the first place.

So on Tuesday, pick up your iPad, hit up the App Store and give it a whirl. Oddly enough, it's what Microsoft would want.

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