Win Up to £250,000 cash in Sky Sports Super 6 football prediction game

Sky Sports Super 6 is an exciting, free football predictions game created by Sky Sports. You stand to win up to £250,000 cash if you can correctly predict six correct scores from a weekly list of football matches across the UK. Predicting six correct scores might sound like a tall order, but to keep the game interesting Sky Sports guarantees a weekly £5,000 cash prize to the highest points scorer.

How it works

The first thing you need to do to participate is register with Sky Sports Super 6 at super6.skysports.com. Registering involves filling a simple form and entering a few personal details. Sky Sports Super 6 team need to know who you are and your contact information so they can contact you if you win the cash prize.

If you already have a Sky Bet account (tvbet.co.uk/visit/skybet), all you need to do is log in with your existing Sky Bet login details and start making your picks. That’s it! It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Making your predictions

Once you’re in the competition, your knowledge of the beautiful game will be tested. You will be required to predict correct scores for six games that the Sky Sports Super 6 team selects. The Sky Sports Super 6 team selects games from any UK league, including Barclays Premier League, Scottish Premier League and International games. You must enter your picks before the start of the first game to win points for correct predictions.

If you fail to predict all six game results correctly, don’t fret. Just make sure you garner the most points of the week. £5,000 will be given to the player with the highest points each week if nobody gets all six results correct.

Earning Super 6 points

You earn a point for every Super 6 match you predict correctly. If two or more players earn the same number of points, then the Golden Goal rule applies to decide who wins the prize. The person who is closest to the result will win the money. Check back at the Sky Super 6 website regularly to see if you have won the £250k at super6.skysports.com.

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