How to find and input Sky Remote Controller codes

If you purchase a new TV your existing Sky remote controller might not work with it. This can also happen when you replace the batteries in your Sky remote controller. If you want to use one controller for both the Sky box and your TV, you will need to find the right Sky remote codes for it.

Help with your Sky Box

Thankfully, programming your controller to your TV isn't difficult. Each TV is assigned a code number which is input into your Sky Box through your Sky Remote.

Finding the codes

There are two places you can look for the code. The first place to check is Sky’s website. Clicking ‘Help and Support’ and following the instructions, will provide you with the right code. Your other option is to look up the code through your Sky Box. The steps for this are quite simple.

Step 1: Press ‘Interactive’ on your Sky Remote and then select 'Sky Active'.

Step 2: From here, select ‘Help and Support’, then ‘Program Your Remote’.

Step 3: You will then be greeted by a message saying, ‘The service will walk you through how to set up your Sky Remote’ before you are given the list of TV manufacturers and TV models to select from.

Not all TVs are supported, so if you can’t find your TV on the list, you won’t be able to find any Sky Remote codes for it. Sky are constantly updating their list, so you should check back regularly.

How to input the code

Inputting the code can be a tricky process, but once it’s done you will be able to turn your TV onto standby with the Sky remote and change the volume, so it’s worth taking the time to complete. There are four steps.

Step 1: Cover the end of your Sky Remote with your hand and press the TV button

Step 2: Remove your hand and then press ‘select’ and the red button simultaneously. When the light at the top of the remote controller blinks twice, move onto step three.

Step 3: Now enter the four-digit code and press ‘select’.

Step 4: Cover the end of the Sky Remote with your hand and then press the ‘Sky’ button. Finally check that the set-up has worked by changing the volume.

Final word

If the step by step instructions haven’t left you enlightened, a video is available on Sky’s website which takes you through each step. Please be aware that not all of the functions available through your TV remote controller can be accessed through the Sky Remote once you’ve input the Sky Remote codes, but basic functions like turning the TV onto standby and altering the volume will be.

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