Sky Player coming to Xbox 360 in mid-October

You may remember a while ago that we told you all about Sky TV arriving on your Xbox 360 via Xbox Live. You also remember that since then you’ve heard absolutely nothing about it, and we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that it had been scrapped in a hail of contract disagreements.

You’d be wrong, for while satellite telly didn’t make the latest service upgrade for the console’s online party, it hasn’t been forgotten. In the latest edition of SkyMag – page 17 to be precise – everyone’s favourite Murdoch money spinner will be coming to Xbox Live in mid-October, which is only a few weeks away. Oooh, lovely.

If you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you will have access to Sky Player in the same way that people who have it on their PC do (only not on a whacking great HD telly, presumably), BUT if you want to watch Sport and that you will need the right Sky subscription, so it kind of defeats the object of using your Xbox 360, really. Still, Sky Player should be cool.

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