Sky 3D TV to launch in April

With all the hoo-ha with Avatar and the like raking in trillions at the box office everyone who’s anyone i.e. Rupert Murdoch wants to get in on the action. But the biggest flaw with 3D is that us humans sample 3D all day everyday in the real world and none of us walk around, arms out like a zombie squealing ‘WOW! Have you seen this? Isn’t this 3D world amazing!’

Irrelevant of that, Sky think their incoming 3D channels will put a few more bums of seats, eyeballs on screens and more importantly add more annual subscribers. Sky have announced that the official launch date on 3D TV in the UK will be the 3rd of April with the first piece of wave-hands-in-front-of-your-face action as Manchester United vs Chelsea.

Now all you need is a 3D ready telly, some unflattering glasses and a year’s subscription to Sky.

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