Sky 3D pub finder

It’s impossible to form an honest and fair opinion of 3D TV before having seen it - for all we know it could be utter rubbish. The first chance we’ll all probably have to witness the future is to find a pub that has a 3D telly and watch one of the upcoming Premiership matches in there.

Although Brits have never had a problem finding a pub in the past, the clever bods at Sky have launched a neat little website which helps seek out the nearest boozer with a 3D TV to you. With 3d.sky.com all you have to do is pop in your postcode, hit search button and boom three of the closet pubs pop up complete with an idiot's guide as how to get there, AKA Google Maps.

The first 3D footie match between Manchester United and Chelsea kicks off at midday this Saturday with five more 3D games being shown before the end of the season. The World Cup is also set to be filmed with 3D cameras so if any of those matches are shown on Sky (unlikely) then the chances are they could be in the 3rd dimension too.

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