Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

Feeling nostalgic for life at the job centre? Or just plain bored at work? Then look no further. Help is at hand. We've compiled a list of interwebnet activities that are so entertaining and addictive they're sure to warm your brain cockles on a cold winter's afternoon in the office, and put your livelihood at risk.

1. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

A must for film buffs. The theory is that any actor can be linked through their film roles to Kevin Bacon. The aim of the game is to try and find an actor who is not within six degrees of separation to the Baconman. Sounds easy? Give it a shot. And look out for the brick wall that is Eli Wallach. This game takes no prisoners destroying university degrees and relationships in its wake.

2. Linerider

An instant classic. The concept is simple. You draw lines on a screen, press play and a small animated tobogganist makes his merry way down the path you've created. The only thing holding you back is your imagination. Don't believe us? Just take a look here! It scores a 9.9 on the addictive scale. A sure fire way to set yourself on the road to P45land.

3. Geosense

Think you know your Guyana form your Guinea? Your Turkmenistan from your Uzbekistan? Well we've got the game for you. Again the concept is simple. You have ten seconds to pinpoint different cities on a map of the world. Think your a Geography moron? Well you couldn't be any worse than this.

4. Crashtestdummyolympics

It does exactly what it says on the tin. With the build up to Beijing in full swing, Olympics fever is in the air. Here the events have been narrowed down to two: the high jump and curling, with fast cars and high speed crashes thrown in for good measure. How addictive is it? Well, if it was a Eurovision song, it would be picking up 12 points from the Belgian jury. We nearly didn't finish this article because of it!

5. Hasee Bounce

Last but not least. The combination of gold doughfruit, a seesaw and flying poo makes for interwebnut gold. Again the idea is ridiculously simple and the result total addiction. Really nice graphics and sounds make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Until you ingest your first flying poo that is. Lose days of your life bouncing around after doughfruit. We did!

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