Sitcoms are out: Webcoms let you take the lead

Kicking up something of a storm in the media world today, production company Baby Cow (which counts the effervescent Steve Coogan as a founder) has launched the Webcom. The series, Where Are the Joneses? has a Coogan-esque comedy plot about Dawn Jones, who discovers her father was a sperm donor.

Want to know what happens? Make it up yourself on the Wiki, which can be found on the website.

The webcom has been given a Creative Commons licence, which means that it can be freely re-edited, and the producers are hoping that budding editors will have a go at remixing the content themselves. Not wanting to leave out the social networks we can't seem to get enough of, characters can be tracked on MySpace and Facebook, Flickr and the characters even have their own Twitter feeds - check out Dawn's Twitter and Facebook.

Add the blog to your MIX if you want to stay up to date on your homepage.


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