Sing when you’re swimming

Ever get really bored when swimming? Or do you dread getting dragged along to your partner’s snorkelling trip, when the only fish you want to see are in batter? Well, why not take your favourite tunes to the depths…well, 3 metres anyway... 

Company H20 have developed a waterproof case for your iPod Nano, so you can get down to some sounds even in the wettest conditions. And, as long as you stay in the shallows, you could be watching the latest blockbuster, while your partner is checking out the aquatic flora and fauna. If only Amy Winehouse had known about this one

Or just take it down the pub and drop it in a pint. Watch your mates marvel at the sight of the submerged iPod. Everyone will think you’re sooo cool! Well, we would at least…

(Image: from macinate’s flickr stream)

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