Show in virtual life who's boss with The Sims 3

If you're looking for a way to get away from it all and slip away into a virtual world where you are the supreme being, then there are fewer better options than The Sims 3. Developed by The Sims Studio and published by Electronic Arts, it's the third part in the hugely successful series, popular among gamers of all ages.

Like the previous games in the series, The Sims 3 allows the player to take charge of the lives of a number of virtual people, controlling every little detail of their day to day existence and trying to ensure that everyone is kept as happy (or unhappy) as possible.

While the game is targeted at a more female demographic than the majority of games, there's certainly something here for everyone, particularly those of us harbouring something of a God complex.

Previous games in the series were concerned only with what happened in the home of your Sims, however this time around you'll be able to follow their day to day lives, including time spent outside the home.

If you've never played the games before, it's actually really easy to come to grips with, thanks to an intuitive interface, straightforward control system and bright, clear and crisp visuals.

Players will now be able to create their Sims in more detail than ever, with far more customisation options available than in any of the previous titles in the series. As your game progresses, your characters will learn new skills, get new jobs and age just as we do in real life, however at a much faster rate.

Unlike most games, there's no real aim to The Sims 3 as such. Obviously, it pays to ensure that your sims go on to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilled life, but there's absolutely nothing to stop you from making their lives a nightmare. On favourite of some of the more evil players is to trap their characters within four walls with no exit - although that probably says more about them than about The Sims 3!

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