SimCity 2013 launched with a lot of problems

If you are an avid SimCity fan, chances are you were one of those who bought the game and tried to connect online last March 5. The much-awaited SimCity 5 was officially released that day, but it turned out to be a disaster due to major server issues and bugs. The new game from Electronic Arts is the latest of the series that was started in 1989 and promises new and exciting gameplay features.

The latest version

  • The concept

SimCity is really a simulation of planning and creating towns while keeping its people happy and contented. Gamers cannot actually begin developing a town unless certain conditions are met. For example, when claiming a city the player must provide adequate power or water supply as well as put a transportation system in place. In effect, urban planning is dependent on several factors and even physical conditions such as calamities or earthquakes which in turn affect how quickly or slowly you can build the city. To date, there are already several games in the series starting with SimCity, SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, and SimCity Societies. The latest addition follows the same principles but spectacular 3D graphics and other ramifications such as online multiplayer game play are added. It requires an internet connection to play.

  • Issue

As of 5 March 2013, SimCity 5 is only available for Windows and PC users. A version for Mac users will be available soon. However, its release date was plagued with server problems with many who bought the game unable to connect. As a result, Amazon suspended its sale of the video game temporarily and officials at EA apologized to game owners for the fiasco. According to EA, they are putting up extra servers and engineers are working round the clock to fix bugs. It is also offering players free EA PC game. An email with instructions how to avail of this offering will be released during the month.

A game that cannot be played

Given the initial problems encountered when SimCity was first released, many were disappointed the game can only be played online. For many, this is a perceived disadvantage when server problems such as those encountered on the day it was released are encountered. It is limiting and crippling factor. And, at £54 for the Limited Edition, that is a lot to pay for playing a game that you in effect do not really own since you are dependent on the good behaviour of servers to be able to. There’s nothing to complain about the game itself except when it does not work which is often because you need to be logged on at all times whether you’re choosing a single or multiplayer.

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