Sign on the dotted screen

Whether you love or loathe Barack Obama, you must admit he's a pioneer. The first African-American president; the first first to pass comprehensive health-care; and now, the first to sign an iPad.

Yes, that's right. If you're of the opinion that Steve Jobs' ultra-popular tablet is just a wildly overpriced pen and paper, this'll do nothing to change your mind. Obama recently held a rally in Seattle as part of his whistle-stop tour before the November mid-term elections. A gentleman named Sylvester Cann managed to get to the front of the crowd and offered Obama his iPad. 'Mr President, sign my iPad,' he'd scrawled on it in a painting app.

Apparently the secret service ummed and ah'd for a while, but in the end, Obama happily obliged - and did a decent impression of his signature with his finger on the screen. Now Sylvester Cann can presumably sneak into Fort Knox, or something.

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