Sigh of relief

The mobile phone has transformed all our lives, and civilisation as we know it. We love 'em. But they've always come with a nagging fear that by using them we might be filling our heads with cancer.

It's never been proven either way whether the radiation phones give out can cause cancer in the brain, but a couple of weeks ago the World Health Organisation freaked a lot of people out by releasing a study saying that a link between phones and cancer was possible and recommending further study. The panic was a bit OTT - the study put phones in the same cancer-causing category as carpentry - but it was still a bit worrying.

So it's good to hear that the latest research is much more sceptical about the link between calling your mates and cancer. A new study, by scientists from the UK, Sweden and the US (we wonder if the Europeans used to have the yanks around for Spotify parties), concludes that 'the trend in the accumulating evidence is increasingly against the hypothesis that mobile-phone use can cause brain tumours in adults.'

That's not exactly an all-clear, and the study was careful to point out that there's more chance of a link for kids. Still, seeing as we've all got a phone jammed to our heads most of the time anyway, it's good to know there's a bit less of a chance we're killing ourselves.

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