Shrink wrap formula

Statisticians tell us that we in the UK waste a tonne of wrapping paper each Christmas. Now if you’re reading this and you’re anything like us, the following will appeal to you…

Some egg-head somewhere has come up with a mathematical equation that saves on unwanted wrapping paper. Here it is:

“The length of wrapping paper should be as long as the side of the gift with no more than 2 cm allowed for an overlap. The width should be just a little more than the sum of the width and the depth of the gift. The equation is: A1 = 2(ab+ac+bc+c2).” [A1 = area needed; a, b, c = dimensions of cuboid (a = longest, c = shortest)]

Remember, wrap your pressies in recycled paper – or better yet, simply send loved ones a download credit and be done with wrapping altogether.

(Image: from szlea’s flickr stream)

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