Show Ryu the trailer, Ken

We’ve loved the Street Fighter series ever since we were little kids at the arcade, watching the teenage lads jostling each other during mammoth winner-stays-on sessions of Street Fighter 2 and listening to the shout of Sho-Ryu-Ken from the wooden box of magic. It’s a love story that has carried on through the peerless SNES versions of the game and didn’t waver even during the ropier editions... aaaah Street Fighter, video games wouldn’t be the same without you.

So it’s with some joy that we present you the latest trailer from Super Street Fighter 4, which briefly introduces us to new characters (who cares?) with a quite today Just Blaze backing. The best news is the bonus stages and new ultra-combos, which should actually add something to the game play when it’s released on 30 April. Check it out.

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