Show off your favourite photos with these cut price digital photo frames

Despite the fact that the digital camera revolution has undoubtedly saved us all a fortune when it comes to getting our photos printed, it has also left us with something of an issue. How exactly are we meant to display our handiwork without spending huge money on expensive photo paper and ink cartridges?

Sure, we can share our work with friends and family on Facebook, via email or by showing it off on our phones and computers, but there are times when you simply want to display a favourite photograph of you and your family for the world to see, and that's not an option unless you print it off.

Fortunately there is an alternative. Buy buying one of the many excellent digital photo frames on the market right now, you'll be able to transfer your favourite pictures via USB or SD memory card directly to your frame and show it off to the world.

To make them even more versatile, you'll be able to store anywhere up to a few hundred images on a single frame and create custom slideshows that flick through the images at intervals dictated by you. You'll be able to add a real personal touch to your office in work, or on your mantelpiece at home.

What's best of all is that these photo frames don't have to cost an arm and a leg. On amazon.co.uk prices start at as little as £4.71 for the 2.4 inch CiBox C102 frame, meaning that you'll be able to display your favourite memories for a pittance!

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