Should children be allowed to use mobile phones?

There are loads of great advantages of kitting your kid out with a mobile phone. You give them a phone to call you on when they need your help, you’re making sure that you can always get in touch with them and you’re also giving them a device that will help them integrate with other kids. But there are also issues with giving your child a mobile phone. Let’s look at the pros and cons.


Keeping your child safe is the main reason why giving them a mobile makes sense. This puts you just a call away from your child when you need to know where they are. More importantly from your child’s point of view, they know they can call you in an emergency at any time. You can keep tabs on your child at all times. This might sound extreme but it’s important in the world we live in. Taking an app like FamilyMap will allow you to track your child’s whereabouts.


Entitlement issues can develop if you buy your child the latest mobile phone. Does this lead to a teenager who demands the best new car and an adult who always needs the very best of everything? We’re not sure that’s necessarily the case but entitlement issues can take root so be careful not to give your kids their way all the time. You will also need to judge if your child is responsible enough to own a phone. These devices we call mobiles are actually mini computers that access the web and take photos and videos. Is your child responsible enough to not post things online that he or she shouldn’t? That’s another question only you can answer.


This is a double-edged sword because if your child doesn’t have a phone, he or she will not be as involved with the social groups at school. Of course, a mobile phone is also a device that can be used to bully your child as kids are generally mean and judgmental. You’ll need to exercise your own judgement if you’re wondering how a mobile phone will affect your child’s chance of being bullied.

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