Short Memories

News that Microsoft have decided to stop unofficial memory storage devices working with the next Xbox 360 dashboard update has angered users and developers. The move will mean that Xbox 360 users who want to upgrade their hard drive (especially those who bought the 20GB version way back in the day) will have to pay through the nose for the privilege.

As it stands a 120GB ‘official’ hard drive costs £90, while there are 1TB hard drives on the market for £70. It is, in short a massive rip-off, and Datel, who make console peripherals, are as annoyed as gamers are.

‘We are following this issue and awaiting the outcome like everyone else,’ a Datel rep told CVG. ‘If the Major Nelson blog (which revealed the grim news) is to be taken at face value then we're disappointed to see that Microsoft are taking these steps to prevent customers from exercising their freedom of choice.

‘Everyone is looking for ways to make their cash go further at the moment and we believe that Max Memory offers a good value, high capacity, alternative to the official Memory Unit.’ Which is why it’s being banned from use on the machine. So far there appear to be no real excuses for what they’ve decided to do, but rest assured, piracy will be the scapegoat.

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