Shopaholics: Feed your addiction via RSS

Shopaholics are in for a rough ride now that RSS services have started to thunder into mainstream internet usage. If it's not enough being glued to the last milliseconds of every eBay auction going, add their latest announcements RSS feed to your MIX and stay up to date with everything eBay-related.

Additions Direct allows you to select the shopping category of your choice, from clothes, electrical goods to homeware etc, and you can recieve RSS feeds updated daily on their best bargains. Even the grocery shop is no longer safe...add Tesco's Deal of the Day to your MIX if you can't bear to go a day without a trip to your local. More of a Waitrose shopper? No doubt the other giants will follow shortly with RSS options added to their sites soon. I'll keep an eye out.

If it's the subject you're interested in, and you want to stay on top of trends and events then check out the Guardian's shopping feed too.


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