Shocker: Macs get viruses too!

One of the more aggravating tendencies of smug Macintosh users has always been to bang on about Macs don't get viruses. Take, for example, this irritating example of the 'Mac vs PC' advertising campaign.

Ah, the hipster kid doesn't get viruses! Bless. But, um, not true. A new study, produced by anti-virus firm Sophos, has revealed that 1/3rd of Macs have some sort of malware - a virus, spyware or other nastiness- sitting on their system.

Now, the 'Macs don't get viruses' line isn't total nonsense. A lot of the viruses Sophos found, like the Conficker worm from a couple of years ago, aren't compatible with Mac OS X; so though your computer might 'catch' the virus, the virus won't be able to hurt your files or spread itself. And, it's also true that Sophos have a Mac anti-virus product to advertise, so we guess you should take the findings with a smidgen of salt. But still, it's something to wave in front of you smug Apple-loving friends, right?

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