Shock, horror, delight, UK Pub Toilets uncovered

Don't visit unchartered pub territories tonight without first checking to see if they're on Pub Toilets. A must-visit for anyone obsessed with how clean/posh/funky the WC is. If you want to keep an eye on the pub toilet world, you can put their RSS feed on your MIX for regular updates on where to go and where to steer well clear of.

WebTwitcher thinks this is a much needed service which will hopefully build up its database with more watering holes soon (currently quite Northern-heavy).

What better use could you put an RSS feed to than updating the general public on the ins and outs of public house latrines...you may also be interested to learn that it's a W3C Standards Compliant site too (or should that be WC Standards Compliant). Phew.


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