Shiny new Chrome

Google has finally given us a look at what its Chrome OS is going to look like, and has even released a trial version to download as it tries to scoop more people into its ever-expanding empire. There isn’t indication yet that they’re going to use their technology to brainwash the population into bringing about the apocalypse, but we’ve got our eyes on them. Two videos released onto YouTube give you an idea of the philosophy and the mechanics behind the new OS.

The first vid below has the sort of buddy thing going on that tech companies seem to love these days, full of chatty chumminess that sounds designed to appeal to the most dense out there. Like us, for instance.

Once we get past philosophy of the new OS – that Chrome will redefine operating systems my making everything work through a browser - we see how exactly it will do that for us. We’ve had a little fiddle around with the trial version and it’s as rough around the edges as can be expected, but very promising indeed.

If you want to have a go yourselves, you’ll need to download VMWare for your computer before you start with Chrome. Got that?

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