Shiny new Apples on the way

Got a nice shiny Apple computer or tablet? Lovely, isn't it? And the latest model. You hate it when a new one comes out and suddenly your lovely gadget looks old and crappy, right?

Well, sorry, MacBook Pro and iPad users: it looks like you're bound for the scrapheap. Reports suggest both lines are to be updated this week. The Apple Store online is showing that MacBook Pros, usually available next-day, will take 3-5 days to ship. Normally, this means just one thing - they've stopped sending out old models because a new one is about to be introduced. Thursday could be the day - what a way to mark Steve Job's 56th birthday!

And that's not all. AllThingsDigital, a well-connected tech blog, reckons next week will see the unveiling of the iPad 2. It wouldn't go on sale next week, probably, just be shown off ahead of an April release a year on from the iPad 1.

Of course, this could all be nonsense. We'll start finding out on Thursday... in the meantime, we wouldn't buy a new MacBook or iPad just in case.

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