Shiny and New

Well, no surprises really, but it's still nice: as expected, Apple updated their range of MacBook Pros on Thursday. The line-up looks essentially the same as before, with two 13-inch models, a 15- and a 17-inch. But there's spec bumps all round, with the 13-inchers now rocking Core i5 or i7 processors and the 15- and 17- just available with Core i7 with new powerful graphics booster chips. The real innovation, though, isn't in the processors but in, of all places, the cable ports.

You see, as predicted last week, the new MacBook Pros are rocking a super-high-speed new type of cable called ThunderBolt. It's expected that this new cable type might replace both USB and display cables like HDMI in the next few years. Right now, it's not that helpful, but once devices like external hard drives come out that use it its crazy 10GB-per-second data transfers will be pretty useful.

One more little thing - the built-in camera is now HD, which could make for a higher standard of Skype chat. See every one of your auntie Doris' wrinkles! Woo!

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