Shifting through the gears

Twitter appears to be sharpening its teeth in preparation of becoming the sort of all-seeing, all-knowing Mega-Corp against which the likes ofFacebook and puny little MySpace can only cower in fear against, dribbling and shuddering under a table as all their dreams and aspirations are ripped from their bosoms by the marauding monster – the Beast of Social Networking.

How is it doing this exactly? Well by Lord, it’s only gone and announced an official Android App, that’s what. Twitter’s CEO Evan Williams let the world know of his ghastly plan to end social networking as we know it and bring it into the modern era via the Twitter Chirp Conference (don’t be fooled by the cutesy name, evil deeds go down there).

The revelations come hot on the heels of news that Twitter was buying up Tweetie and turning it into the official Twitter iPhone app, as well as creating a brand new app for the iPad. Look out! The soldiers of Tweeting are on the rampage, look up your portable electronic devices!

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