What To Look Out For When Buying a New Shelf Edge Printer

If you own a retail outlet then you'll no doubt be familiar with the trials and tribulations of owning a shelf edge printer. When they work, they're a dream but when things go wrong they can be a complete disaster - often resulting in lengthy delays to solve the problem, just when you need to print new labels the most.

As with most printers, it pays to try to avoid cutting costs wherever possible for shelf edge printers. The initial saving may look impressive on paper, with budget printers often costing a fraction of the price of the more established and trusted brands, but you always run the risk of malfunction, awkward paper jams or worst of all, finding it almost impossible to buy new ink supplies.

Depending on the size of your store, having the right shelf edge printer can be more important than you think. It's often overlooked at how important it is to keep pricing labels up to date, especially in countries where relevant authorities fine retailers who display incorrect or out of date prices, yet it is an integral part of keeping everything running smoothly.

While there are a huge number of manufacturers out there, we recommend sticking to the tried and tested brands. Our picks include Epsom, Zebra, Hewlett Packard and Brother.

Each of these brands will ensure you face the least problems when printing new labels, while also offering the highest print quality on the market for reasonable prices. The days of being unable to read poorly printed bar codes will be a thing of the past, and your staff will thank you for it.

Even more importantly, as globally recognised brands ordering new ink will be a painless experience meaning that as long as you keep on top of your inventory you should never have any problems keeping your printers running.

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