Shazam offers iPhone users new always on option

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A new feature has been launched for all those iPhone users who are also fans of music app Shazam

Whether your iphone is in use or the screen is locked, Auto Shazam will always run in the background. As you go along with your daily cores, at home, on the bus, at work or at the cinema, Auto Shamaz will be identifying music and other audio all along. It will automatically work with other apps opened at the same time and always present you with a track list any time you want to check it.

In practical terms, as explained by the Shazam team, if you have your phone nearby with the Auto Shazam option on and you’re watching TV, the app will automatically recognize and grab any songs that come on TV, put them in playlists to make them handy on your device.

For US-based Shazam users the app goes a little further, enabling them to also pull up information on TV shows and ads.

All the matches worked out by Auto Shazam will automatically go into the user’s collection organized by date. Users will be able to browse through their list anytime, and find the Shazams corresponding to each day nicely organized.

As the company explains on its website: “This history reflects the playlist of a user’s commute, road trip, or evening out, making it easy to go back and rediscover favorite moments, ‘star’ them to save the best ones, buy the music or TV content, or get more information.”

It is not known yet if Shazam intends to develop a similar feature for Android devices as well


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