Shame or fame?

Everyone’s talking about havenworks.com, the website that digg users have branded the worst designed ever. We snuck a peek at it last night and almost had a seizure – it’s… well, not your average website.

Think flashing images, eye-boggling colours, text shoehorned into inch wide columns. Presumably it’s a political news website of some kind.  We couldn’t bear the pain long enough to find out.

But we’re not ones to admit defeat! We went back to havenworks… only to find an error message:

“This account has surpassed its bandwidth allocation at the present time.”

Only on the internet can something be destroyed by popularity… because everyone thinks it’s hideous. But as the saying goes, any publicity is good publicity. Will havenworks.com up its bandwidth allocation just to be jeered at? We shall see…

(Image: from e-strategy.com’s flickr stream)

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