Shake it like a Polaroid picture

It’s easy to forget what life was like before the digital camera. However, it wasn’t that long ago that if you fancied taking a few snaps whilst on holiday in the Med you had to invest in a super duper fancy SLR which often weighed more than all your other luggage combined. And that’s not including the spare batteries and films you were forced to haul around with you....

Of course there was the alternative which came in the shape of an over-sized Rubick’s Cube called a Polaroid camera. While its instant hardcopying abilities (thanks to a few flicks of the wrist) carried a certain charm, Polaroid died a death in 2004 thanks to the intro of the digi-cam. The other downfall was the hefty price it cost for new Polaroid film.

Well, it’s been reported today that Polaroid is to make a comeback with a brand new instant film that is compatible with old existing Polaroid cameras. One pack of 8 will cost £16 (still not cheap) when it launches at the end of March.

Surely there's an app for that?

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