Sex up your iPad

Now, look. These newfangled tablets. They're portable, easy to use in bed, you can hold them in one hand, and with no keyboard they're easy to wipe clean in the event of a, er, spillage. Let's not beat about the bush, shall we? They're great for porn.

Yeah, we went there. And we're not the only ones. The king of the world of titillation, Playboy's Hugh Hefner, saw the opportunity the iPad presented as soon as it was released, and wasted no time last year in releasing an iPad app of his famed magazine. Unfortunately, the app fell foul of Apple's stringent app store guidelines, and so it was mostly just full of articles for the tiny proportion of those who say they buy Playboy for the writing who aren't actually lying.

But then late last year, we heard tell that the Hef had found a way to bring the full Playboy archive - nips 'n' all - to the tablet world. The tech blogosphere was alive with speculation - had Hef done some crazy backroom deal with Apple to get past the app store guidelines? Was he blackmailing Steve Jobs with photos of the Apple CEO en conflagrante with a Playboy bunny in the late 80s?

The truth turned out to be way less exciting. The new Playboy iPad 'app' isn't an app at all, but a new iPad-optimised, subscription-required version of the Playboy website. Still, it'll do its job, giving subscribers access to the full 50-odd-year Playboy archive on their tablets - ie, ahem, touch-ready - for just $8 a month. No word yet on if we in Europe can get in on the fun (probably), and if so whether there'll be a separate - more expensive - price in sterling (probably not).

By now, depending on your proclivities, you're probably having one of two reactions: 'ew, whatever' or 'hell yeah! When does this launch?' To the former group, hey, don't shoot the messenger, yeah? We just report this stuff. To the latter group: P-day is May 18th. Go crazy. Just think about getting a splash-proof cover for your iPad first, yeah?

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