Sex or clothes, Ill have a new wardrobe thanks

Sex and the City? Not if you're offered a new wardrobe instead. A survey out this week reveals that New Yorkers, if faced with the decision to give up sex for 15 months or have a new wardrobe, would choose the new wardrobe hands down.

Interesting results, which perhaps WebTwitcher will use to bribe Mr Twitcher with for a new pair of shoes..

WebTwitcher also thinks that the author of the hilariously titled "My Boyfriend is a Twat", which has just been shortlisted for a 2007 Bloggie award, would be inclined to agree with the results...

Add the RSS feed to your Excite MIX page if you want regular and hilarious updates from the household described by the blogger as "a mixture of 'The Osbournes', 'Absolutely Fabulous' and 'My Family'." A funny read.


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