Technology is all about innovation. But how do you innovate when every time a rival comes up with something new they smear it in patents? All too often, the answer is 'you ignore patents', and so the tech world is often awash with lawsuits. Right now Apple and Samsung are suing each other after Apple accused Samsung of copying the iPhone with their big-selling Galaxy S Android phones.

But before Apple were the ones allegedly being copied, they were the ones allegedly doing the copying. Nokia and Apple have been at loggerheads for ages, Nokia alleging that the iPhone had infringed their patents for wireless data, encryption and some other stuff. And it seems Apple agree. The two companies have just announced a settlement, and made a license agreement for Apple to legally license the rights to certain tech from Nokia. Rubbing it in, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says, he's 'very pleased to have Apple join the growing number of Nokia licensees.'

We don't know exactly how much this will cost Apple, but given that Nokia's financials haven't been looking all that healthy of late, we think it's a safe bet that they'll have held out for as much money as possible. Apple will be hoping they get a similarly nice deal out of Samsung...

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