Features of the Eaglerise Set105cv Transformer

Eaglerise is a company that produces transformers, spare transformer parts and power supplies. It is located in Foshan, China. Manufacturing is one of the main drivers of China's economy, and compared to many other industrialised nations, China has established itself as a major developer and distributor of electronic goods around the world. With over 3,100 employees, Eaglerise manufactures, markets and sells electronic transformers all over the world. One of their major products is the Set105CV Transformer.

Eaglerise Set105CV Transformer

The Set105CV Transformer is a round transformer. It is used to mount surfaces for lamps. It features a dimming mechanism to change the level of lighting in a room. The Eaglerise Set105CV Transformer is a low voltage electrical appliance. Another notable feature is thermal protection. This protects the unit from overheating and other weather elements. Also, the transformer has built in short circuit protection. The output voltage is 12 Volts. Pricing for this product starts at £24.99. This model is typically used when installing a halogen lamp. It can be used in the ceilings, floors or even a desk lamp. It passes the European electronics regulatory framework.

The EagleRise Set105CV transformer can be purchased directly from the Eaglerise company website. Other sourcing locations include Torshare Technology and Topband HID in China, and TDS Power Products in Taiwan. If you are on a budget, you can also source this product through eBay. The transformers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The round transformers are typically used for wall mounts.

The Set105CV unit is just one of the 300 electronic transformer models produced by Eaglerise.

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