Seriously, Apple?

Wow. We knew that Apple were secretive - they sent the police round to raid the house of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen after the tech blog bought a lost iPhone 4 and wrote about it - but we didn't realise just how far they'd go in the crushing of human expression.

OK, that's a bit OTT, but this is still vaguely shocking. The US magazine Consumer Reports recently posted an article stating that the iPhone's reception problem appears to affect all handsets, and that they couldn't recommend the phone until it was fixed. Apple users, relieved that they weren't the only ones, flocked to Apple's user forums to discuss the piece.

And that's where it gets a bit creepy - once the discussion started, Apple's forum staff seem to have started deleting all the threads about the Consumer Reports story.

Apparently this is a bit of a habit of the big Apple. 'It's hard to imagine what Apple hopes to gain by doing this,' points out TUAW. 'Instead of having one negative news story, now we have two: not only did Consumer Reports come out and say they don't recommend the iPhone 4, but now Apple seems to be trying to prevent people from talking about it on their support board.'

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