Serial Spammer Convicted

Are you sick of getting two hundred emails per day asking if you're 'Dreaming about enlarging your male machine size'? Well then, you'll be happy with Virginia Supreme Court's decision to uphold the conviction of serial spammer Jeremy Jaynes.

A member of the world's illegal spamming top ten, Jaynes was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2003 for illegal spam activity. He was prosecuted under Virginia’s pioneering Anti-Spam Act.

Virginia's Attorney General McDonnell said, “SPAM costs Virginia citizens and businesses thousands of dollars every year in lost time and resources. Online fraud is a costly and serious crime. Today’s ruling reinforces Virginia’s Anti-Spam Act, and further protects the people of the Commonwealth from identity thieves and cyber criminals.”

Jaynes was using false names and internet accounts to bombard inboxes the world over. It is believed that he was sending up to 10 million emails per day by 2003. It was a profitable exercise. Jaynes was earning up to $750,000 a month and living in a mansion in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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