September Surprise

Well, this is exciting. We all expect the iPhone 5 to be unveiled by Apple in September, but might they be about to show off a new iPad as well?

Rumours floated around before the launch of the iPad 2 that the third version would follow quick on its heels, before the end of the year. But when the iPad 2 was launched and Steve Jobs called 2011 'The Year of the iPad 2', that was widely taken to mean we wouldn't see a third version until 2012.

But now the iPad 3 is back - in rumour form, at least. According to the often-reliable Asian publication Digitimes, Taiwanese companies who make parts for the iPhone and iPad are preparing for the launch of a new model of both devices in September.

If there were a new iPad, it would almost certainly bring the big improvement that many felt was missing in the iPad 2 - a big upgrade of the screen resolution, to match the clarity of the iPhone's 'retina display'. There are some other rumours we're not so sure about, like the idea the iPad 3 will be a pocket-sized seven inches. Steve Jobs has been pretty clear he doesn't want to do that. But hey, you never know with Apple...

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