Sensation spreading

Wouldn't you like a new phone? Go on, look at your phone. Isn't it old and horrible? Wouldn't you like something blisteringly fast, with a comedically large screen?

If so, the HTC Sensation might be for you. The latest state-of-the-art handset from the Android giant, it packs a marvellous 1.2GHz processor to help shove graphics around its 4in screen. It's one of the best smartphones out there, but there's just one snag - it's only available on Vodafone.

Or rather, it was only available on Vodafone. For the Sensation has just come to O2, Orange and Three. Each network has a slightly different deal on the phone, though we like the look of the O2 deal which gives you the phone for £150 on a £16.50 a month tarriff.

Of course, this isn't all the UK's networks - there's no sign of T-Mobile so far. Is Orange starving its new sister company of the best phones?

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