Selling Second Hand Mobile Phones to Shops and Online Retails

If you're selling second hand mobile phones you'll want to find the best price from all retailers. Most big companies have a standard policy when buying electricals where they take the current, used price for the phone, take off a percentage (which would they be their selling price once they buy the phone) and half the price they will pay for it, which is the money you receive. So if you're selling a phone that originally cost £50, you'll like receive around £10 or less for the model from most retailers.

You'll probably receive a better price from shops than online retailers as they have the ability to sell all their bought phones onsite quickly. If you're selling second hand mobile phones to retailers, try:

  • Cexchange, which deals in electricals and primarily in mobile phone/laptops. They also promise to beat the price of any other shop in the area.
  • Cash generator, who buy most items as long as you have proof of address and are over 18.
  • Local mobile phone second hand shops, who are likely to give a better price or beat the price of any other shop if the model is highly desirable. They're also less likely to ask for less personal information or checks from you when buying items.

You can also sell your old phones online, which works by typing in the model of the phone on websites, receiving a quote then agreeing to sell the phone. You'll then have to send the phone buy post and should normally receive a pre-paid envelope from the buyer. After sending your phone you should receive a cheque in a few days, but these kind of companies rarely exceed £150 per model so for expensive phones you're better off going to a shop and receiving your money immediately.

Some online mobile phone buyers include:

  • Envirophone.com
  • Mazumamobile.com
  • Receeluar.com
  • Mobilephoneexchange.co.uk

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