Seeing double

Look at your phone. Good, isn't it? Got a nice big screen. Camera. Button or two. Maybe even a flashing light. But isn't it missing a certain something? Wouldn't it be that bit better with, say, two screens?

That might sound crazy, but in their ongoing quest to give you reasons to upgrade, phone manufacturers are looking to the second screen as the next stage. The Samsung Continuum, which was revealed at the CEATAC conference this week, has am extra little screen below the buttons on the front which displays the time, date, and notifications like missed calls. The idea is you can use the little screen to avoid turning the main screen on, conserving battery.

That seems sensible. Which is more than can be said for the new Fujitsu phone also demonstrated at CEATAC this week. It's only a concept, but still looks a bit daft - it has two full-size touchscreens which rotate to give you different shapes of phone, which they presumably think you need for some reason.

What's next? We'd like a phone that cleans our dishes...

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